Says Brad Stone: “What Amazon could do . . . is release a software development kit and open up the Kindle to third-party applications, turning a device with a single purpose — reading — into something that is conceivably much more flexible.”Well, Amazon could do that — and the result would be a really, really bad imitation of a netbook. If you want a multipurpose device, get an iPhone. I did! And I’m really glad!

No, the best path for Amazon would be to focus all their attention on making the Kindle the best possible tool for one purpose: reading text.

Text Patterns

September 25, 2009


  1. I basically agree with you. But there are some basic functions (like folders) that just aren't being provided by Amazon. An open platform likely would provide that. If Amazon opened up the platform, it is likely that people would open up the Kindle for more formats.

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