Toby Lichtig has a problem: he can’t stop reading books to the end — even when he doesn’t like them.

Meanwhile, Alan Bissett has declared war against the forces attacking his attention span, and he’s bringing in the heavy weaponry: Tolstoy.
Perhaps the tide is turning. . . .


  1. When asked why he has such a reputation as a nice guy in the SF industry, Gene Wolfe said, "I have no compulsion to finish a book that I'm not enjoying. So when people ask my opinion of their book, I always tell them 'I liked it' or 'I haven't read it.'"

  2. Not being able to abandon a book one isn't enjoying … my wife suffers from that peculiar affliction, too. Not me. I've made it two-thirds of the way through a book and put it back on the shelf — or into the pile for donation to the library.

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