Remember me? I used to blog here, back in the day. I stepped away because I was working on a book that overlapped a bit too much with the typical subjects of this blog; but things have changed a bit. A good bit.

The plan then was to write a short book that expanded on these Theses for Disputation — but it proved to be impossible to find the right length and right approach. So an expanded version of those theses will appear in a future issue of The New Atlantis. Please stay tuned for that.

That noted, I have a few further updates:

  • My employer, Baylor University, has graciously extended unto me a research leave for next year. 
  • My first task, as soon as the current semester is over, is to get to work finishing this book — which I hope to do by the end of this calendar year. Ora pro me
  • It is possible that as soon as that is done I’ll turn to a smaller project I haven’t mentioned here (or anywhere else) at all, but I’ll be quiet about that for now. 
  • Either after that smaller project, or instead of it, I feel compelled to write about what on this blog I have called the technological history of modernity. I am in conversation with a publisher about a contract for that. More updates as they become available. 
  • Those theses for disputation, and my earlier book The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, were really enriched by my writing this blog and by comments I received here from my readers. I miss this place as an idea-generator and idea-developer. I am hoping to be able to resume blogging here, perhaps irregularly; but we’ll see. 
  • This morning I have a review in the Wall Street Journal of two books on technology, knowledge, and memory. Please check it out
More soon, I hope! 

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April 22, 2016


  1. Welcome back. I'd like to read your WSJ article. Regrettably, it's behind a paywall.

  2. Though the WSJ seems to be fiddling with closing this loophole, you can usually get to a paywalled piece by searching for it on Google (e.g., jacobs wsj brain online) and clicking on the result.

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