Well … I know I said I was going to stop blogging my way through Pynchon, but I am grateful for the comments I’ve been getting (both on this blog and via email) — they really help me to think through these issues. So I need to find a way to keep getting those benefits without, as an editor put it to me the other day, “giving away the farm” — that is, putting all my best ideas here and thereby making a book superfluous. So after taking a bit of a break to read some other things — I am rather pynchoned-out at the moment — I’ll be back with thoughts on Mason & Dixon and then Against the Day. (I have many, many thoughts about Gravity’s Rainbow, but those are giving-away-the-farm sorts of thoughts.)


  1. So glad you'll still be doing this in one form or another. Am I understanding this process correctly and you read GR in less than a week? Is that a result of already having read it before or have you generally found it not as difficult as its reputation indicates.

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