A Note to Our Readers

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The New Atlantis is pleased to announce the selection of Ari N. Schulman as the journal’s new editor.

Schulman previously served in various roles at The New Atlantis — including as a senior editor and as the executive editor — and has written for the journal on such subjects as philosophy of mind, the mishandling of the Ebola outbreak, and GPS and the transformation of travel. For the Hedgehog Review, he has recently written on America’s “slow-brewing crisis of scientific authority.”

Schulman has been a frequent contributor to The New Atlantis’s Futurisms blog on transhumanism, and his writings have also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, Commentary, First Things, and elsewhere.

Outgoing editor Adam Keiper, who was a cofounder of The New Atlantis in 2003 and served as its editor for the last decade, offered these remarks:

I am grateful to the many writers, readers, subscribers, and financial backers who have made The New Atlantis possible — and especially grateful to my editorial colleagues, whose intelligence and dedication made it fun, a joy, and an honor to work alongside them.

Ari Schulman, a writer and editor of immense gifts, is perfectly suited to continue and extend the journal’s work. Under his leadership, this extraordinary intellectual project will flourish for years to come.

Keiper, who has been named Books & Arts editor of The Weekly Standard, will remain on the New Atlantis masthead as a senior editor.

The Editors of The New Atlantis, “A Note to Our Readers,” TheNewAtlantis.com, September 5, 2017.

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