John Gruber and others are praising this Fast Company feature on Apple, but I don’t see why. It’s all like this:

The iPhone will continue to morph, in ways designed to ensure its place as the primary way we interact with and manage our technological experience for the foreseeable future. Apple will sell more devices, but its evolution will also enable it to explore new revenue opportunities. This is how Apple adapts. It expands its portfolio by building on the foundation laid by earlier products. That steady growth has made it broader and more powerful than any other consumer technology company.

Contentless abstraction. The iPhone will somehow “morph.” Apple will explore unnamed “revenue opportunities.” Also, Tim Cook thinks health care is really important, and Apple products need to work with networks Apple doesn’t own. Revelatory! Elsewhere in the article we learn that far more people are working on the Maps app than when it launched — that’s about as concrete as the article gets.

Everybody who writes about Apple ends up doing this: madly whipping the egg whites into big fluffy peaks. Because Apple never tells anyone anything.

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August 8, 2016