Is a book in progress , "version zero," still a book? Would you be interested in buying it? "Marks and meaning" — shouldn't that be Marks and Meaning? — "is a work in progress; an evolving exploration of visual language, visual thinking and visual work practices by the founder and Chairman of XPLANE, the visual thinking company. An unfinished work, it's a hybrid: part sketchbook, part textbook, part workbook, and continuously updated by the author, based on feedback and conversations with readers. When you but the 'book' you'll be invited to an email discussion group where the book's ideas and content are being discussed."How about this?correspondencesIs this a book? "A maroon band surrounds an ingeniously constructed box which, when unfolded, turns out to contain three pamphlets folded accordion-style and a postcard. . . . Each pamphlet is encircled by two stories, all of which share a theme of letter-writing." (I'm quoting from the description here .)

Text Patterns

May 12, 2009