Hawthorne Series Images

Illustrations by Elliott Banfield
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For our special series of essays on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s stories about science, technology, and progress, and the original critical editions of the stories that we published to accompany the essays, artist Elliott Banfield has created a series of illustrations that bring to life the deeply serious and enchantingly absurd qualities of Hawthorne’s works.

Wasting the Water of Life: “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment”
Heidegger's guests sit grumpily to taste the water allegedly from the fountain of youth
Artful by Nature: “The New Adam and Eve”
Adam and Eve in a mansion
From Hearth-Fires to Hell-Fires: “Ethan Brand,” “Earth’s Holocaust,” and “Fire Worship”
The Devil gestures to the reformers as the whole earth is set fire
The Last Temptation of Science: “Rappaccini’s Daughter”
Rappaccini's daugther in her garden
A Far Other Butterfly: “The Artist of the Beautiful”
Love Conquers All: The Blithedale Romance