“Forget about the venerable beat-the-clock thriller,” says Canadian columnist Michael D. Reid. “Today, the beat-the-biological-clock flick is the thing.”

That trend continues next month with Miss Conception, a comedy about the escapades of a 33-year-old woman (Heather Graham) with a family history of early menopause and an unsupportive boyfriend. The reluctantly seductive woman’s frantic quest to find a “Mr. Right Now” thrusts her into contact with Internet sperm donors, nightclubbers and a smitten co-worker.
Also coming soon: Jennifer Tilly and Andie McDowell in Inconceivable, Mary McGuckian’s satire about “the immaculate deception” facing infertile couples, singles, lesbians and gay men who use “assisted reproductive technology.”

The links above are for the movies’ IMDB pages; click the posters below visit pages with trailers — note that Miss Conception has a different name in the U.K.:

Miss Conception poster     Inconceivable movie poster