If you are unable to sign in to your subscriber account, and the forgot password page also did not work, try looking up your account using your account number. See the instructions below.

Note: Subscriber accounts changed on April 1, 2023, when we switched to a new subscription system. Old account numbers will not work on this form, but all customers who had subscription on that date were notified of their new account numbers — see below.

How to Find Your Account Number

1. Search your email for the phrase “New Atlantis account number”

At some point, you should have received an email from subscriptions@thenewatlantis.com with a line that looks like this:

     New Atlantis account number: 01234567

We sent this email to all of our subscribers on April 1, 2023. If you subscribed after that date, you received the email when you subscribed.

2. Find the letter we sent you in the mail.

If you have a print subscription that started before April 1, 2023, we mailed you a letter that month with your new account number:


3. Look at the latest issue we mailed you.

If you received the Summer 2023 issue or a later issue in the mail, your account number is above your mailing address on the mailing label:


Note that mailing labels from older issues will not show the correct account number.

Still Can’t Access Your Account?

Email us at subscriptions@thenewatlantis.com. To help us find your account, tell us your name and, if you’re a print subscriber, your mailing address.